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Top 10 Intellectual Property Management Solution Companies in UK - 2021

Today, the increase in innovation and inventions across market sectors and access to production has transformed the patent and IP management arenas into a much faster facet of the business world. As a result, the current IP management arena is mushrooming, with different organisations adopting innovative patent management software solutions to protect their growing IP assets in the best possible manner. And with the ability to deliver collaborative IP management services based on organisation-specific corporate requirements, the emerging IP management solutions are helping patent offices in overcoming their most prevalent challenges. Furthermore, with more and more companies focusing on protecting and monetising their IP rights, IP management solutions have become mainstays in the market, helping firms incorporate the best global practices and enhance their ROI on IP assets.

Considering the ever-increasing number of intuitive intellectual property management solutions entering the market, choosing the right solution provider has become a critical task for companies. To assist firms in finding prominent intellectual property management solution providers, we have compiled this issue of CIOReview Europe. In this edition, we have listed the ten most promising intellectual property management Solution Providers in the UK to showcase the companies that can help you unlock new opportunities. We hope this issue of CIOReview Europe helps you build the partnership you and your organisation need to foster a workspace driven by robust and innovative technology.

We present to you CIOReview Europe's “10 Most Promising Intellectual Property Management Solution Companies in the UK - 2021.”

    Top Intellectual Property Management Solution Companies in UK

  • AdamsonJones offers intellectual property services encompassing patent, design and trademark protection and advice in the UK. AdamsonJones offers commercial advice of the highest quality, which means that clients can use IP to achieve their monetary goals, whether they relate to licensing, generating investment, wider commercial opportunities, or even exit. By focusing on the real issues facing clients' business, the firm ensures that clients save time and cost and generate the greatest value from the IP. Over the years, it has worked hard to ensure maximum client success. With a winning track record, the company has expanded its pool of IP experts who have core competency in diverse areas


  • Elkington + Fife is a leading firm of patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys. Its team of patent professionals includes recognized specialists with a proven track record in all aspects of patent work and who are dedicated to delivering exceptional services tailored to clients' needs, whether it's a small business or a large enterprise. For trademark, the firm has a dedicated team of trademark professionals who are recognized experts in their field. Every member in the team customizes advice based on clients’ needs. The team is headed by Chris McLeod, former president of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys


  • An Intellectual Property Management solution and services provider that offers IP professionals capabilities to streamline IP management processes and drive growth. The Equinox platform is not only intuitive but also easy to use. This helps companies save on costs in training their IP professionals extensively to ensure maximum user experience and greater ROI. As the platform eliminates the need to manually manage the files, IP professionals can easily mitigate user errors and streamline internal docketing through automated processes. In addition, users can manage and update case files in bulk and check the information at over 50 different online locations directly through Equinox


  • One Stop IP is a Jersey-based legal services company that offers end-to-end solutions and services for IP products, including access to global registration, renewal, and licensing, allowing organisations to manage and protect their IP—all in one place. One Stop IP’s web portal enables organisations to consolidate all their IP data—social media accounts, domain names, contracts, and licenses—at a single location to get a holistic view for efficient IP management. The portal also allows them to review their IP status, monitor progress, and request services.Along with the web portal, One Stop IP also renders a complete suite of services through its services and partners in patents, designs, domains, trademarks, and copyright


  • A business intelligence solution provider that empowers companies to protect their assets across all a range of online distribution channels. The Anti-Piracy module of Red Points’ Brand Intelligence platform allows users to track and remove malicious content directly from the source and increase copyright lifetime value. Red Points offers exclusive protection, expansion and evaluation of content that users upload to the streaming application. Users can work alongside Red Points’ experts to navigate and monetize their visual property on YouTube and Facebook. Users can opt to either pursue financial reforms or block the third-party content in case of an infringement


  • Cautus


    Cautus is a fully managed software solution for businesses and individuals wishing to look after a portfolio of trademarks. As a trademark management service, Cautus is provided as an online solution, allowing clients to access the software 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through simple, intuitive web pages.

  • Dehns


    Dehns is a leading European firm of specialist patent and trade mark attorneys, with more than 260 people across seven offices, and with an internationally renowned reputation. Founded in 1920, with over 90 professional staff and offices in London, Munich, Oxford, Brighton, Manchester, and Sandwich

  • Inteum


    Inteum designs its software for technology managers, IP administrators, contract managers and technology scouts to best manage their IP and licensing operations. Inteum provides state-of-the-art tools for managing the innovations, relationships, and transactions that carry ideas forward to commercial realization. The company calls this process the innovation supply chain

  • myIP


    myIP is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of packaged and bespoke software for Intellectual Property management, with customers in the UK, Europe, Australasia and North America. The company's customers are universities, research institutes, government departments and companies of all sizes, including start-ups

  • PatSeer


    PatSeer is a web-based global patent database with integrated analytics and includes 71+ countries full-text coverage & 108+ countries Bibliography data with searchable legal status, translations, PDF, images, Corporate Tree, Normalized/Probable Assignee. PatSeers unique capabilities include Multi-dimensional analysis using great looking charts, custom fields, hierarchical categorization, Citation & Family Trees, Co-citation Analysis and more

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